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How does our system work?

The first part of the system (fitted to the pyrotechnical article) is an ABS Single Shot Plug (1,6) which is inserted into the bottom of a card or reusable tube (single shot) fixing using staples or adhesives. This plug is available in various dimensions from 24 mm (1″) up to 65 mm (2 ½”) with internal Structural Strength Supports (14).

As with all plastic plugs, it provides a consistent height for positioning the Lifting Charge (21) and the Card Disc (20) within the shot tube. Evolved plugs have a concave spherical surface which creates a focal point for the energy created by the lift charge.

At the base of the curve is a Hot Element Slot (4) which is used to gather lifting charge and place it in contact with a pre-installed Hot Element PCB (15) with a Hot Element Bridge Wire (3). The wire is similar to nichrome but with a much lower resistance and greater ability to heat rapidly. The combination of the wire and PCB allow for accurate manufacturing on an industrial scale. This combination of form and design creates an extremely efficient method of energy focus on the intended trajectory.

Tests have shown a reduction in Lifting Charge (21) of 50 % to achieve the comparable lift of Pyrotechnic Effect (18) using traditional ignition designs. The integrity of the Single Shot Tube Case (19) will be at less risk of failure (Evolved Pyrotechnics has yet to see such a failure in testing). Another obvious benefit is the significant reduction in smoke created in firing during displays.


Electrical Connection

Each Evolved single shot plug has two copper pads (13) which are soldered to two connecting legs (12) within the connecting slot (16). On insertion into the base, 2 Connection Terminal Pins (5) are depressed with the clockwise twist aligning the connections in the base and the single shot to complete the circuit. This article is now ready for direct connection to a firing system module, there is no requirement for a connection to an intermediate cue rail.

The time taken to complete the installation is just 4 seconds per shot tube.

  • No e-match required
  • No e-match leg wires to separate, pair and connect to a rail. No leg wires to tie up and tidy
  • No cable ties to secure a single shot
  • Each base unit is has connections numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Each base has a CAT 5 8 Pin Electrical Connection (10) at either end of the base connected in parallel.
  • As a result of this IN/OUT connection each cue can be replicated, each duplicated set of 4 can be at a different angle from the previous. Each cue can have varying sizes of effects installed in seconds.
  • The resistance of each shot tube will be 1 ohm
  • The all fire current from any firing system will be no more than 2 amps.

Mechanical Connection

The Base (2) of the Evolved single shot is constructed from high quality ABS plastic and manufactured as a row of four connections to one unit base. Each base connection allows for two possible diameters of single shots, for example: 30mm / 50mm – each one has three securing points Locking Seat (8) and a Spring Loaded release Arm (7) to secure the pyrotechnical article.

These securing points correspond to Locking Arm (17) in the base of the plug. Position the plug Locking Clip (11) to the right of the Spring Loaded Release Arm (7), push down and twist clockwise 30 degrees until the release arm clicks into position. At this point, the single shot is held firmly in position, it cannot be rotated nor can it be moved laterally or vertically.

The unit base itself has 6 securing holes (9), 3 on either side. This flexible solution allows the base unit (containing four connections) to be bolted to any type of framework, angled or otherwise.


No matter the firing system connection to a module is a simple affair; For example connection to Fire One is available with a 32 pin connector adaptor. This would provide 8 rows of 4 single shots.


Download design diagram in PDF here:


Demo video and photo gallery